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Posted on: October 29th, 2014 by Andrew Cox

Best suited to those already in America, and who may have experienced the hassle and inconvenience of life in this great country without a decent US credit score,  Credit Builder™ is recommended for every new arrival, and we are proud that 100% of our attendees have indicated that they are very likely to recommend participation to others.

The workshop is a two-hour event held conveniently online, or held as a live workshop hosted in a variety of major U.S. cities on a quarterly basis.

Attendance at live events is limited to 15 participants to ensure a high level of personal focus. Online workshops are limited to 5 participants.

Click here to check availability for the next sessions.

Learn how the U.S. credit system works, the steps to establishing your credit profile, the do’s and don’ts of effective credit management, and the smart steps you can take to build a great credit score within a few months of arrival.

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