Moving to the U.S

Moving to the US?

There are over 300,000 globally mobile professionals on employer-sponsored visas coming to the U.S. for managerial, technical, consulting and medical jobs with U.S. companies.

Unhappily, they are likely to be turned down for home mortgages, rejected for traditional unsecured credit cards, and pay interest rates for new car loans or leases at least twice or three times higher than those available to consumers with established U.S. credit scores.

Anyone arriving in the United States and intending to stay for more than a couple of years can benefit from learning about the credit migration process.

Most incoming assignees have well above average incomes, well-established credit profiles in their home country, and assets in other countries. In spite of this, new arrivals to the U.S. can expect to be treated as “sub-prime” by lenders and providers of many credit score correlated goods and services.

Our proprietary products and processes help you establish a U.S. credit profile that reflects your financial status and inherent credit worthiness, save thousands and avoid the frustration of unsuccessfully seeking the credit you need.

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