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Transition US Assignees

Even if assignees have access to an in-house credit union or “preferred” banks, they can save thousands by taking a holistic approach to managing their U.S. credit profile. A single credit card or a single car loan may solve short-term issues, but only goes part of the way to building an above average U.S. credit score within 12 months of arrival.

Help your new employees manage their credit proactively, and gain early access to the full range of credit score correlated goods and services. Contact us today to discuss how Mycredex can design a credit migration program tailored to meet the needs of your entire assignee population.

HR Professionals can get employees settled and help them focus on adding value.

Most employees do eventually deal with the challenges of leaving their credit worthiness in their country of origin but at what cost to your organization in terms of distraction at work, and unnecessary stress at home?

Destination services are provided by many employers who recognize the importance of ensuring they have done everything reasonably possible to allow their newly arrived employees get settled quickly, enabling them to focus on their new responsibilities at work as soon as possible. Mycredex provides a cost effective way to proactively manage the migration of your employees’ credit profiles, empowering them to take control of their personal financial affairs.

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