How It Works

What is Credit Migration?

The barriers to the sharing of personal financial information prevent you from getting access to the credit you need in the U.S., despite your higher than average income, excellent job and credit history in your home country.

Putting You In Control

Credit Migration puts you back in control, enabling you to get what you need early on arrival, and  build a financial identity in the United States, giving you early access to many credit score correlated goods and services sooner rather than later.

You will be able to make confident informed decisions about your family’s financial affairs, leaving you free to focus on your new responsibilities and help your family settle into their new community without the frustrations of seeking and securing the credit you need.

Building your U.S. credit profile is a process, not an event, and can start almost as soon as the final immigration paperwork is completed. The sooner you start the sooner you will be enjoying the savings a better than average credit score can bring.

Partner Financial Institutions

There are over 6000 financial institutions in the U.S. who lend money to consumers. Less than 10% are willing to consider making facilities available to newly arrived foreign nationals with no U.S. credit score. We’ve done the hard work to find them so you don’t have to, saving you hours of research and enormous frustration.

Bringing it all together – PiCR™ by Mycredex

Helping financial institutions make sense of non-U.S. financial history information is key to enabling them to make informed lending decisions. PiCR™ is designed to do just that using well established measures of credit worthiness in widespread use by lenders. PiCR™ by Mycredex is the only resource of its type, enabling you to get the credit you need, by giving institutions the information they need.

Mycredex specialists with years of experience in managing the underwriting process will help you through the application process, and gather and securely store the personal and financial information needed by our partner institutions. We provide you with a checklist of what information to provide, and help ensure it is in a format that our partners can readily understand. We provide an initial evaluation of your eligibility before you embark on the full PiCR™ process (through HeadStart™) to avoid unnecessary expense for those who may not qualify.

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