L1 Visa

If you hold an L1 Visa, you need to get started managing your US Credit.

If you’re coming to the U.S. on an L1 Visa, there’s a good chance this could turn into a long-term arrangement.

You probably had easy access to credit in your home country, and are used to getting what you want when you need it.

The bad news is that most providers of credit in the U.S. won’t be so accommodating, and you can expect to be denied traditional unsecured credit cards, struggle to find mortgage lenders willing to approve you for a loan at anything like market rates, and pay four or five times the going rate for car loans. Mycredex changes all that, saving you the hard work and frustration of unsuccessfully seeking and securing the credit you are used to

Looking to buy a home?

If you are looking to purchase a home soon after arrival, U.S. financial institutions will need your information in a format that fits their lending criteria. We’ll help you find the lenders, and provide them with everything they need for quick approvals

Need a car?

If you need to buy a vehicle in the U.S., you want to avoid paying stratospheric interest rates, and may  have questions on the merits of leasing compared to buying the vehicle of your choice. We’ll help.

Local credit cards, a bank, and reasonably priced insurance?

Choosing the right banking partner can be a challenge. Most won’t be able to help – we’ll point you to the ones that can. Your credit score (or lack of one) is a very important factor in insurance pricing can double your insurance costs, depending on which state you’re headed for. Let us connect you with insurers who understand your situation.

You’re in the right place as an L1 Visa Holder. We help you get early access to reasonably priced credit, quickly build a credit score that reflects your true credit worthiness and open up a world of attractive options should your assignment in the United States turn into something more permanent.

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