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HeadStart™ costs $475 and is for those with well-established home country credit histories who are accustomed to getting what they need when they need it, and want to explore home purchase options within the first few weeks after arrival.

HeadStart™ includes:

  • In-depth Credit Migration Consultation with FICO certified credit migration specialists including pre-arrival assessment of borrowing requirements
  • Personalized post conference summary and Credit Migration Route Map, returned to you within 48 hours
  • Pre-Departure Checklist
  • Access to the HeadStart Helpline to help you make confident, informed decisions about accommodation, transport, utilities and other credit score correlated goods and services
  • Complimentary credit score monitoring for 12 months (a $200 value)

HeadStart™ gets you on your way to early home purchase and gives you access to funding for your home and vehicle needs before you leave your country of origin. It also gets you started building an above average credit profile within 12 months of arrival in the U.S. To schedule a HeadStart™ consultation please click here.

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