Renting a Home

Trying to rent a home without a solid credit score can be costly.

As you move to the United States, you might be concerned about where you will live. If you’re not ready to own a home you’ll be renting somewhere to live for at least a few months

You can expect landlords to want to see your credit history, and they’ll want to know that you will be able to make the payments for your living quarters each month. So in the absence of a US credit score, you’ll need to be able to prove you can pay the rent – a letter from your employer confirming your income and employment status will usually be enough to persuade most landlords. However, you will be competing with others who do have a U.S credit score, and they may get ahead of you in the queue…so be ready to sell yourself and your ability to pay in full and on this for the duration of the lease.

You will also need access to reasonably priced renter’s insurance which will be a pre requisite for almost all landlords. Let Mycredex help you find reasonably priced renter’s insurance programs, and avoid the additional costs that usually  affect incoming foreign nationals with no U.S credit score.

Either way, you will need to start building your U.S. credit profile, quickly to avoid the problem recurring as and when you want to move again – to get started on that, please click HERE.

If you’ve already got an extensive credit history from your home country, and would prefer to move straight into a home of your own, and avoid the hassle and expense of two home moves in the course of the next year or so,  click HERE.

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