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  • Arriving foreign nationals taking up U.S. based employment
  • New permanent residents
  • Returning U.S. citizens
  • Short-term U.S. assignees

Even with great credit history abroad, seeking and obtaining early access to mortgages, car loans and unsecured credit cards can be difficult.

Mycredex connects you with financial institutions willing and able to provide access to financing for life’s essentials, and helps you establish a U.S. credit score

Planning on settling in the U.S.?

Anyone arriving in the United States and intending to stay for more than a couple of years benefits from learning about credit migration.

Buying a car or home?

Those looking to finance the purchase of vehicles or buy a home soon after arrival can secure very reasonably priced funding even before they have established credit scores in the U.S.  We suggest JumpStart™ or Headstart™ before you leave, and Credit Builder™ within a month of arrival in America.


Gaining access to facilities like mortgages and car loans may be a little harder for the self-employed. Take the right steps to build your scores in the early months while you establish a U.S income and tax return history. Credit Builder™  is the ideal way to help you take control.

Limited Credit History?

Even if you have limited credit history in your home country, Mycredex will equip you with the knowledge you need to establish better than average credit scores in the U.S. in the course of your first year here. We suggest JumpStart™ pre-departure, and Credit Builder™ after you arrive to make sure you build your U.S profile the right way as fast as possible

Extensive Credit History And Substantial Assets?

Your extensive and responsible use of credit in your country of origin can help you get established in the U.S. and your well developed personal balance sheet make it easy to qualify for the financing you require – HeadStart™ and PiCR™ are designed to ensure your needs are met with no fuss, no hassle and on your timetable. Credit Builder™ is the ideal complement to ensure you build the credit profile you already deserve quickly.

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